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Living in the 21st Century has resulted in huge pressures and demands on children and parents alike. Society, our peers and even the media require that our children are technologically savvy and excel from early on so that they can survive and compete in this technically, fast paced, modern world. As a result, we parents, feel compelled to provide all the necessary gadgets and experiences to try and ensure that if not a step ahead of the rest, they are at least able to cope.

The challenge we face as parents

The Problem

We as parents, whilst trying to help, are often disabling our children. We are so focused on giving them “stuff” and doing everything for them that we are stunting their emotional development. Because of this neglect, we are seeing children who suffer from anxiety, crumble under the slightest pressure and feel entitled, with the result that they tend to not cope with rejection and are often not adaptable to different environments.

The Outcome

Typically, children can become obnoxious and show very little respect or regard for their parents, teachers or others. In addition, bullying is on the increase, as well as childhood depression, something rarely found in previous generations. Importantly, children who struggle to engage meaningfully with others struggle to form healthy relationships with others later.

The Solution

We urgently need to get back to good old parenting practices again. We can’t change the advances in society or the mushrooming media changes. But we can amend our approach to parenting. And we can teach our children how to cope, grow and succeed by helping them grow emotionally.

The Target Market

Aimed at parents of children between the ages of 2 and 10, I present these talks at parent seminars, primary schools, nursery schools, mom groups or even in the comfort of your own homes with your friends (a minimum group size is required).

What is Offered?

By joining me and other concerned parents who attend my Parental Talks.  These informative, educational, entertaining and interactive talks (roughly 2 hours) introduce parents to the ideas and concepts that can be the cornerstones of good parenting.

Setting the Boundaries

You will learn:

  • What boundaries are
  • The 2 types of boundaries every family should have
  • How to implement the boundaries you choose
  • The importance of actions and consequences
  • How to restore order and calm back into your home

Emotional Empowerment

You will learn:

  • The difference between feelings and emotions
  • Why all emotions should be welcomed in your home
  • Healthy ways of expressing them
  • The differences in emotions and reasons for them
  • Explaining emotions to children
  • The Lion within us

Developing the EQ

You will learn

  • What is EQ
  • The importance of EQ over IQ
  • How many facets make up our EQ
  • What can we do to develop each facet of our EQ

Social Interaction

You will learn:

  • What social interaction takes place at each age 1-10
  • What are the social circles
  • What makes a good playdate
  • Guiding our children in friendships.

Why seek outside assistance?

  • It can provide a person with an outside perspective
  • From someone with more diverse experience with children
  • Someone not emotionally involved
  • Someone with a wider understanding and acknowledged best practices.
  • Someone who can offer support and guidance
  • Someone who can pinpoint our successes and help in areas that are lacking
  • Someone who can help create a new normal

About me

“I am a teacher with 18 years’ experience in the profession, primarily in the early years and foundation phases. I have taught in a variety of schools (both here and in the United Kingdom) with children of different ethnic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. I have become passionate about helping parents shape and foster a more solid emotional foundation for and relationship with their children. I am also a single mother of two beautiful children.”



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